12" x 24" Universal Grille Mesh Flat Expanded Aluminum by Sleek

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Product Description

Great for custom making your own grille for your vehicle. Mesh will be shipped out in a flat box. There are no installation instructions of any kind as each application will be different. The mesh is unfinished raw aluminum and may have some dirt or grim covering the material. You can easily clean the material up giving it a brushed, painted, powdercoated or polished finish.

Please be aware that approximately 1/4" on the ends of some of the pieces, the links may be warped and also please be aware the pieces may be a little larger or slightly smaller in size. You may get a piece that is 11 1/2" tall by 25" wide for example, but generally the pieces are close to the advertised size. This is due to current manufacturing and cutting process of these sheets. 

We do stock pre-cut mesh grilles for a good selection of models so be sure to check our store to see if we already have what you need. We can also have anything custom cut if you mail in a template of the shape your needing. 

  • Type 3003-H14 Flat Expanded Aluminum
  • 1/2" .051 Flattened, 61% Open Area.

We offer a Neoprene rubber trim that can be added for appearance or extra protection from the expanded aluminum edges by installer. Has a nice snug fit on this material.