2009-14 Ford F-150 Metallic Grey Lower Bumper Grille Insert by Boost-Bars

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Product Description

The issue of Ford not offering an OEM lower grille option on the 2009-14 Ford F-150 has now been solved with an aftermarket alternative from Boost-Bars. An aftermarket alternative that looks and feels just like something straight out of the factory. The twin-bar OE-Style bumper grilles are made from high quality ABS and chrome plated just like the OEM grille. They simply snap into place and in a matter of seconds you've filled an empty gap, and put a smile on your face.

Metallic Grey option is designed to match the 2010-12 FX2 and 2011-12 FX4 OEM grille style, but fits all models.

  • Adds OEM matched styling to front end.
  • Great for Ecoboost motor airflow needs.
  • Made from high quality ABS plastic.
  • Will not affect airflow to intercooler.
  • No modification required to vehicle.
  • Easy to install by simply clicking into place.
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Boost-Bars located in Ontario, Canada created the first aftermarket bumper grille option for the 2009-14 Ford F-150 model line that truly matched the style of the OEM main grilles. As a true Mom & Pop shop, Boost-Bars believes highly in quality products and support.